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What is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a drug-free scientific-based form of healthcare with a distinct assessment, treatment and management approach in the field of musculoskeletal health. A hands-on approach to the treatment and prevention of problems and dysfunctions that arise in the musculoskeletal system as well as providing a effective treatment for many types of muscle and joint pain ranging from acute injuries to long term discomfort.

Physical Therapy involves working in collaboration with you; the patient to establish the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and to effectively restore balance and optimal function within the musculoskeletal system. Physical Therapy specializes in the use of palpatory skills, not only in the initial assessment phase but also in continual assessment and monitoring of soft tissues and joint motion during treatment. It integrates a wide variety of advanced soft tissue and articular techniques to effect restoration of optimal pain free function

Who can benefit from Physical Therapy

At Tansey Chiropractic we know alleviating pain in one part of your body often requires treating a different part. The pain you feel in your neck could be caused by a misalignment in your spine that is caused by unbalanced positioning in your feet. It’s a chain reaction.

By stabilizing and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers orthotics enhance your body’s performance efficiency and reduce pain. This will contribute to your total body wellness. Our orthotics complement your healthcare treatment when you stand, walk, and live your active life. As part of your initial consultation a full examination will be made of your foot position and the relationship to your structural problems.

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